Monday, October 12, 2009

What is it with me, Mondays and my car???

So, there I am bopping off to school in my car. I start through and intersection and a little red car apparently doesn't see me and clips the driver side of my car, turn the corner and head on up the highway. I thought I would never see that car again. I pulled over, put on my hazards and before long, a sheriff sees me and pulls over to help. When I got out of my car, a lady yells out of her car--It was the red cars fault! He calls the city cops and a motor cycle cop comes pretty quick. I tell him I'm ok and the other car left. I frantically call Brad to please come help and I called the secretary at school to tell her I would probably be late to school. She thought I was joking, because I play practical jokes on her all the time. Mmmm remind you of the story of the little boy who cried wolf? Well, anyway, this cute old man, who was a good samaritan said he didn't see the accident, but heard it and stayed around to see if he could help. So I look up and he is waving his arms frantically in the air and pointing. Well, I look over and the little red car who I thought had hit and ran had come back and was in the parking lot across the road. So the cop has me drive my car over to the parking lot---but my driver door wouldn't open, so I had to keep climbing over to the passenger seat to get in and out. So he took my statement. He told us that she admitted to having not seen me. So, she got a ticket. I was so glad she came back and admitted she was wrong, because everyother person who had seen it happen had already driven off. So, by now, I was really shaking and crying and I asked Brad to follow me to school and he did. What a crappy way to start the week! Smooth move ex-lax!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Manic Monday

Ok, so I went to the bank to make a deposit for the reading council I belong to. So I went through the drive thru. After they were done, I realized I wanted an account balance so I thought I would go around to the ATM drive thru. I was driving out the in way and then I tried to flip a youie to go thru the ATM, well, I didn't make the turn and high centered my car. Smooth move exlax!
I called Brad and he came over to help. Good thing I am married to MacGuyver. He saved my cookies! I'm astupit!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Troy's Day

Today we got to see Troy blessed and see some of the Hakes family. It is always nice to get together. Both Papa Hakes and Papa Kohler had to leave right after the blessing to get back to the University Ward, that's why they aren't in any of these pictures, tho' we love them anyway! Included in these pictures are Grandma Lisa Hakes, Chris, Fransisca and Harmon Hakes, Karl and Leslie Kohler, Melissa, Josh, Hailey and Troy Hakes, Grandma Robin, Scott and David Kohler.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Estancia Adventure

Yesterday, April 11, 2009, Brad, Robin and Karl went to Estancia, NM. It is a little town out of by Albuquerque an hour. Robin wanted to go to her soon to be daughter-in-laws bridal shower.
About 20 miles from our destination, our car started to smoke and run awfully. Plus, it was cold and snowy!!! Brad and Karl filled it with water and we hobbled to Leslie's house. When we got there, Brad checked the car more closely and realized we had blown a head gasket.--That's not an easy fix. The bad news we couldn't drive our car home, but the good news is that Dan-Leslie's father had a truck and car dolly he said we could drive home with. What a sweet and wonderful thing for him to do for us.
So I went to the bridal show. I saw an old friend from home that some of you may remember as Gail Adams. She is remarried and living in Mountain Air, right by Estancia. She came to the shower, as she is in the Stokes' ward. It was really nice to see her again. She is as funny as ever. Her personality reminds me of my sister Barbara. She had us rolling on the floor with her funny jokes.
After the shower, we ate a delicious lunch of stew, rolls and cookies that Darla and her daughter Natalie had made, then we towed our car home. Karl is marrying into a really nice family. I feel blessed that he has made such a good choice!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Burning Down the House!!!

So, Nana's bishop called Brad about 4:00pm yesterday afternoon to say some neighbor kids saw smoke billowing out of Nana's house. So Brad and I jump in the car and race over to her house, trying to reach her on her cell phone (what a clever concept it would be to carry it with you!) or house phone in the mean time. As we drive up Fairway, we see at least 25 neighbors gawking up the street to see a police car and two firetrucks parked in front of Nana's house. We park by the next door neighbors and started running to the house. The police man wouldn't let us through. After a little while the fireman came and talked to us and said a pan was on the stove and nobody was home. They had a blower at the front door trying to get the smoke out. A little while later they took us inside to show us the damage. There really was none, only a little black on the stove. They checked the attic spaces to make sure there were no flames up there. After about 30 minutes, Nana drives up. She had been at bell-ringing practice and had the thought (did I put the beans on the stove?, No, I must not have, because I didn't put the ham in it.) Then as she was taking her friend home, she declined the offer to go in her friend's house to visit. She felt she needed to get home quick.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Elder Scott Kohler

Here is the latest from Elder Scott. He biffed it on his bike. I can already see how much he is changing. He is growing up. He's not a little boy anymore. I better stop before I start boo hooing!

Karl and Leslie

Karl and Leslie just got engaged. They are planning on getting married June 13th in the Albuquerque Temple. I hope you can all come. Here is a picture of them. :o)


Looks like Brad and I will now be bloggers. I need to make sure he gets on the computer to contribute. Off we go....Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!