Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We are Family

These pictures are from the past week. I was able to see a lot of family in Utah and New Mexico. I love family times we share even if they are brief. I am grateful for all of my family members. I feel blessed being able to see a lot of them near and far.
Watching Wiggles with Uncle Scott.
Papa and Troy.
Standing with Mom on top of the Conference Center in front of the Salt Lake Temple.
Watching the Mormon Tabernacle practice.
Cute Sydney the flower girl.
Kaila and Trever getting married.
Barbara in front of the beautiful cake she and Karen made.
Parents of the Bride-Caroline and Randy-Vera and Clint.
Kaila's siblings-Jeremiah, Aja, and Erica.
Randy and Carolines children.
Sisters, sisters-Barbara, Chyrrel, Vera and Robin. (We missed you Julie!)
The Merrell's-Verenda, Barbara, Chyrrel, Audrey, Karen,
back row-Ron and Allen.
Aunt Pam, Audrey, Barbara, Robin, Karen, Chyrrel, and Aunt Mary.
Robin, Vera, cousin Debbie, hubby Terry, Barbara, Chyrrel.
Vera, Barbara, Robin, Glenda Graves, Chyrrel.
This is us at "Ellis Island".
Double cousins Hailey and Nathan.
Julia, Katie, Karl and Leslie.
Doc Joe and Dav.
Troy, Josh and Melissa.
This past week, I was able to visit with and see lots of my extended family. I flew to Salt Lake for Kaila and Trevers wedding. I got to spend lots of time walking around Salt Lake with my mom. We went to the Temple, toured the Joseph Smith building, the Family History Center, the Church Archives building, the Beehive House, just to name a few.